Time Hustler Tv Series Cast, Synopsis, Review | Netflix

Time Hustler Tv Series Cast, Synopsis, Review | Netflix

  23 December 2022

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Zamane Bandit is a Brazilian TV series that premiered on December 25, 2022. Netflix is an original production. It was filmed in the Portuguese language. The first season of the series consists of 7 episodes. The filming of the series, which is included in the fantastic comedy category, took place in the Sao Paulo region of Brazil

The original name of the series is known as O Cangaceiro do Futuro.

The series is produced and directed by Halder Gomes. The cast also includes Edmilson Filho, Chandelly Braz, Fábio Lago, Dudu Azevedo, Thiago Matso, Amadeu Maia, Solange Teixeira, Valéria Vitoriano, Daniel Satti, Larissa Góes, among others.

The IMDB details of the series have not been clarified yet.

Time Hustler Synopsis

The official synopsis for the series is as follows: “After being shot in the head, a man wakes up to discover that he is the spitting image of a famous bandit in 1927 and decides to make the most of it.” Virguley is a lazy, promiscuous and morally sick person who lives in São Paulo in absolute turmoil and dreams of moving the rich back to the Northeast.

Between his concerts, he takes advantage of his resemblance to Lampião to perform in public squares in São Paulo. Dec. One day, after getting into another mess, he gets a slap on the ear and ends up in 1927, in the middle of cangaço, where he is mistaken by the locals as the real Lampião.

Taking advantage of this comedy, Virguley gathers an unusual group, falls in love with Mariá and becomes stronger in the city. However, since nothing in the life of this goat is easy, this story will have many twists, including the real King of Cangaço, who wants to correct this story. There will be a chase between the Decoy and the real, which will create even more chaos. But the question remains: how will Virguley go back in time or will he decide to stay in 1927?

Time Hustler Cast and Stars

Thiago Matso plays the role of Zozozó
Amadeu Maia plays the role of Fastioso
Edmilson Filho plays the role of Virguley
Valéria Vitoriano plays the role of Zulmira
Fábio Lago plays the role of Coronel Tibúrcio
Dudu Azevedo plays the role of Rufino
Chandelly Braz plays the role of Mariá
Solange Teixeira plays the role of Escandalosa
Fabio Goulart plays the role of Amigo de Virguley

Time Hustler Official Trailer

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